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  • Bhagavada Gita in the Mahabharata

    The Bhagavada Gita, translated to Song Celestial is perhaps the most important Hindu religious text, and it is narrated to Arjuna by Krishna just before the Mahabharata war begins. This dialogue is witnessed by Sanjaya through his divine sight, and it is through him that we witness the Gita. This chapter in the Mahabharata is called […]

  • How many people died in the Mahabharata war?

    I’ve finished reading about the Mahabharata war, and it has been described in such gory detail you get goosebumps at times. There is almost total destruction of both armies with only 8 rathis (warrior capable of attacking 5,000 soldiers simultaneously) surviving on both sides, and I wondered how many people died in that war. I tried to calculate this with […]

  • My favorite Mahabharata character

    The Mahabharata is a complex story with complex characters, and you can spend hours thinking about the characters, what they did, why they did it, and what else could they have done? Before reading the books, Karna was easily my favorite character, he is noble, he is loyal, he is brave, life has been unfair […]